Mattia Bello


    Children’s Stage


    Storis Nostris – Friulian Story Time


Mr. Mattia Bello is a teacher, writer, and instructor of Italian and Friulian languages. In the last three years, Mattia led five courses of the fascinating minority language spoken in Friuli, where he was born and raised, along with Ms. Qualizza, Ms. Lovisa, and Ms. Cosolo. Friulian is officially recognized in Italy and protected by the European Union. These cultural initiatives embraced different topics, and included readings and conversations in Friulian, in-depth analysis of modern Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, as well as tasting of traditional regional dishes held at Famee Furlane, in Woodbridge. The courses have helped a number of people discover their origins. The lessons are currently taught by Ms. Cosolo and Mr. Ricci.

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