About Us

Librissimi – Toronto Italian Book Festival is a celebration of Italian Canadian writing and culture for all ages and in all its forms, languages and dialects.

Librissimi was founded in 2018 by Comites Toronto and it is now a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization.  The Festival, hosted by Villa Charities Inc., and is developed in collaboration with key partners and organizations. 

2024 Librissimi Team

Happie Testa | Festival Director

John Calabrò | Librissimi Award Event Producer

Nella Cotrupi | Programming Consultant

Betty Lepore | Stage and Mercatino Manager

Cristina Marano | Marketing and Promotions Manager

Claudia Santilli | Musical Accompaniment

Special Thanks | Faramarz Amirshahi for A/V technical support, Salvatore Greco for videography, Michele Maffei for facilitating the libations, Daniela Nardi for strategic consulting, Claudia .